Letter to the one who got away. Or something to that effect.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 § 2

Dear Ex,

I probably shouldn't be doing this but I can't help it. I tend to break my own rules.

I'm sorry that i am barging into your virtual space but I am not sorry about what I told you last time because I know and you know that most of it is true and the rest you clearly deserve. I admit that some are mad drivelings of a raging woman. Cheap shots and whatnot so I don't expect you to forgive that easily. And I know for a fact that men are an unforgiving lot. Something to do with your ego. Women forgive easily but rarely forget. So yes, I am no longer mad at you. Can't stay mad for too long. In one dimension out of too many, everything you did are justified. I accept that. After all, however cliche' it may sound, the truth did set me free. Some genius wrote that one way or another, we are judge, counsel, victim, and accused all at the same time. In short, I, too, was at fault, one way or another.

I'm sorry it had to end that way.

But enough of that. I am not a cold-hearted bitch. Happy Birthday. Be safe.

From your Ex, like, Forever

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§ 2 Response to “Letter to the one who got away. Or something to that effect.”

  • SPLICE says:

    If I were you, I won't be sorry barging into your ex's virtual space. I'd do it with gusto because fuckit we shouldn't be doing things half-baked.

    I don't know, that's just me Kae :)

  • kae says:

    This I'm sure of: I am sorry for myself because I keep on breaking my own rules. I asked him the favor to stop communicating in any way. It's pathetic, what I did. But I am glad I did it. It's for my own peace. :))