the polka dot dress

Friday, April 01, 2011 § 0

Ever since rachel berry of glee started wearing that
blue polka dot dress @ glee season 2 episode 8,
i couldn't stop looking for a replica! i just have to get my hand on it!

others think it's kinda preppy but i think it's ΓΌber cute!
polka dot became rachel berry's staple style
and i became even more obsessed with it!

she's been wearing polka dot dresses ever since!

and finally, a gray polka dot dress from the endless tirade of blue!

so i started doing a little research on how the polka dot dress
became such a fashion rage!

and i discovered this:

the polka dot dress i found out was already made famous by
julia roberts on the set of that movie pretty woman!
and i thought rachel berry started this fad..

more celebrities started wearing polkie...

Natalie Portman
dalmatian inspired polkie
blonde i-dont-know-who on a polda dot maxi dress
katy perry
Rachel Bilson
Sophia Bush Ann Taylor
Demi Moore?
Taylor Swift

i especially love this one, reminds me of alice in a wonder-red dress!
Sophie Ellis Bextor

oh when will ever get myself a polka dot dress?? :))

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