what da pak is dat? (x

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 § 27

The first time I saw this video, I was grossed out and offended.
But I figured she is just playing, trying to be funny
And she is!

Watch it, and you'll learn how to become a beauty queen,
minus the hideous accent and mispronunciation of "p" and "f"..

 P.S. She's really good, sans the accent.
Wanna hear more of that accent? Click here. ((:

S.P.S. "You can't pull off the chubaka look.. No one can!"
WTH is chubaka? Click here.

S.D.P.S. The tissue sash is epic!

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§ 27 Response to “what da pak is dat? (x”

  • Anonymous says:

    shes faking i think.. shes good i think and oh yeah the sash tissue is EPIC!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Karen. Salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko. And no problem, kahit ilang ulit o super haba pa ang mga comments mo, GO lang. hehe.. Mas maganda nga yun eh.. :)

    Ahaha!! Yeah, si Ashley Rivera of Ashleyslips. I think the character is named Petra Mahalimuyak.. or something. Nakakatuwa sya. I'm sure she's just faking it, pero ang ganda lang nyang magdeliver. Subscriber ako nyan sa Youtube kasi natatawa ako sa mga videos nya. This is proof that pretty girls can also be funnehhhhh.. hehe.

    Medyo andami lang lumalabas na chika na pinapahiya lang daw nya ang sarili nya.. na degrading daw sa mga Filipinos ang ginagawa nya. Pero ewan.. iba lang kasi ang pagkakaintindi ko sa ginagawa nya. She's just role-playing. Yung character ni Petra ang gumagamit ng carabao English. At ang mga videos nya naman, they're for entertainment purposes.. :) Haha! Nag-explain ba?

    Anyway.. Paborito ko yung video nyo.. yung "How to be a Soap Opera Actress".. Harhar.. Try nyo rin hanap sa Youtube. She's really good. :)

  • MG says:

    hahaha ang totoo crush ko siya. hehehehe. sana ikiss niya ko sa lips. ahehehe

  • @leah: np.. (;
    hehe.. yeah, i reckon you've seen her video 'my british accent'. that's where she gets back at her detractors. those haters! lol.. some people take things too seriously, tsss..she's really quite good, i couldn't have pulled off the stuff she was doing-- you know, faking her accent, acting, etc.
    i like the soap opera thing too. (;

  • @MG: yeah. she's very pretty, no? i got a lesbian crush on her. hehehe

  • @anonymous: yeah.. that sash. megarofl. yeah she is good. she is definitely faking the accent. try youtube-ing her. her youtube channel's ashleyslips (; thanks for dropping by..

  • tim says:

    I just love this lass, and she's gaining lots of fans! So does haters..

  • hi tim! i love her too! she's one-of-a-kind, you know (;

  • ka bute says:

    di ako maka-relate. ;(

    P.S. that 3 acronyms on the last lines really made me laugh. hahaha. (--,)

  • mayen says:

    I have no idea of her until today. Geezz... I'm a loser. lol.

    Anyway, I like her.She is hilarious and at the same time sensible. Her tips are really helpful for aspiring beauty queen. (not me though). I think she's faking the accent. Thanks for this karen. It made my morning happy. :)

  • Sey says:

    Karen, sorry, I can't view the video here. I'll try again later when I get the chance to open the computer at home before taking my sleep.

  • @ka bute: you can't relate cus, really, you don't wanna become a beauty queen! i'll break up with you pag nakisali ka sa beauty contest! haha (joke lang na tayo!)
    well.. those acronyms are pretty useful in this particular post. loll

  • @mayen: it has been circulating at fb last month and i thought id share it here, so people who havent heard of her would appreciate her. hehe. oo, she's faking it. she made a nice delivery sa near end ng video.. (;

  • @sey: wooh, you should see this video! hehe.. thanks for droppin by though (;

  • ka bute says:

    is this what u're calling the 'cybersoul' thing? sophie, is that you? hehe.

    so u changed ur profile photo... hmmm. who's the guy behind you? (oo, ako na ang intrigero at pakialamero.;)

  • hey rockin' robin! your acronyms? they're epic! cybersoul thingy, it is.. yihee..

    yeah.. i transformed. and, gee, technically 'it' is not a 'guy'. that's my gay friend Nuts.. hehehe..

  • ka bute says:

    now im a fan. =)

  • Bino says:

    i love the girl hehehehe.

    btw, about my post, di un true to life heheheh

  • @bino: sure you do.. everyone here does..(;
    ah okhey, it sounded so true kci (;

  • joninel says:

    your blog is really nice :D nice to know your blog

  • krn says:

    ganda nya. i watched her british accent vid. but i like her more kapag pinoy accent. hahaha!

  • Anonymous says:

    hahaa...omg...she's damn good! Love the way she says 'p'uck and enthu'sh'iasm. lol. Is she faking the accent?
    But I think she's awesome and very pretty, ie, when she isn't making those hideous faces. lol. and really talented. :D

    Nice blog btw :)

  • krn: korek! mas funny sya with her british accent. she's really good..

  • @V: thank youu! yeah, she was faking it, which proves thats she's really really good!