Lost, by Joy Fielding (Book Review)

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Lost by Joy Fielding
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Publisher: Atria Books
ISBN: 0-7434-4629-1
With Film Version? I wish..(;
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"Mothers of just sons," her own mother had once told her. "They're a different breed. They have no idea."  

These words just about summarizes what Cindy Carver has to endure about raising her daughters-- twenty one year-old Julia, and nineteen year-old Heather. With nice-and-sweet Heather, there were no major problems.  Julia was quite another story-- stubborn and self absorbed, she gave her mother a constant headache. Julia, charming in her own way, received more attention, and acted more unreasonable as she grew older. Infant Julia, always starting a ruckus. Toddler Julia envious of her little sister Heather. Adult Julia, never forgiving her mother for giving birth of Heather. Four year-old Julia vanishing from the playground triggering motherly paranoia. Fourteen year-old Julia moving in with her father, and lived with him for 7 years, breaking her mother's heart. And, twenty-one year-old Julia, after a promising audition, disappearing without a trace, the final blow to Cindy's tormented heart.

I'm not a mother of daughters. More so, I am not a mother. But here's the fact: I am my Mom's daughter and my sister's not-so-little sister. And so I know (though in a vague way) how hard it is to raise daughters. Thankfully, my Mom, never had to lose either me and my sister prematurely, we always lived together at the same house until recently when my twenty four year-old sister moved out and decided to start a family of her own.

What they say about parents being the last ones to know about their kids' errant behavior-- it is true. It could be that they are in a state of denial-- parents refuse to believe what they refuse to believe about their children. Either that or they really are stark clueless about their kids' activities. My Mom's jaws would literally drop once she learns all the stuff I had been doing.. and still doing! Going back to the book, Cindy's search for her daughter Julia led to startling discoveries-- an affair with a married man, a set of sexually-inviting pictures, and one last discovery which prompted Cindy to acknowledge the fact that she had lost her daughter a long time ago and, forever.

I know this would sound passé but Lost is a real page-turner, I couldn't wait to know what happened next after next. But I would admit there were certain parts I wanted to skip (but I didn't because it just isn't my style to skip pages)-- parts where I thought Cindy was bordering to the exaggerated, on the verge of becoming a lunatic, though I really can't blame her, knowing how hard the ordeal she's facing.

I've always enjoyed reading Joy Fielding's novels, though the themes were always of human frailty, betrayal, and deception. Lost is actually the third book I have read authored by her. I wouldn't say it is her best because I can't quite decide which is, and I am yet to read her entire work. I especially loved Lost though because the ending was not quite what I expected, a pleasant surprise. I think Cindy Carver's decision, her acceptance of what had been obvious all along, signified braveness. I wish I could say more, I wish I could write a longer review but to do so would mean to reveal the ending. I wouldn't want to spoil it to the readers.

But I have to say this: forty year-old Cindy and twenty-two year-old me has something in common-- we both have this irritating habit of correcting other people's wrong English grammar. An ex gave me the finger when I corrected him! (x

Buy or Borrow: Buy, if you are keeping a Joy Fielding collection. (You should probably start collecting her works.) Because buying Lost and not her other novels would be inadequate-- it would be like buying and taking care of a single orchid.

Quotable Quotes:

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

"You're the one who can do no wrong." "I do plenty wrong." "You don't have to tell me."

"There's something very satisfying about numbers. Numbers are what they are. They're very straightforward. Unlike people."

"No matter how grim things may seem, they always get better."

"Once lost, they are rarely found."

Interesting Words:
Ad nauseum, rigor mortis, catatonic smile

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  • mayen says:

    The book seems nice. I am also into novels but being the hopeless romantic that I am. I prefer romance novel. However this book seems something I can read. I’ll check this out.

    I’m also not a mother yet I am close to my mom that sometimes she shares her difficulties and appreciates her even more. I appreciate all her sacrifices just to give us a good life and I will be forever grateful for her.

    Anyway, thanks for following my blog. I followed you back. I like what I see here. By the way, I don’t know if you’re serious with that job offer lol. But if you can give me details please do. Malay mo diba? Thanks so much Karen!

  • MG says:

    ms karen, hehe, you almost spoiled it. hahaha. I suggest that make a littel more brief. just my opinion. tnx for the review ^_^

  • krn says:

    very interesting. rigor mortis. somethin related to death. horrible enough. thus am interested. got to buy the book. :)

    sometimes, like you, i'm bothered about others' incorrect grammar and correct them. then i realized i am, too, sometimes guilty of the crime. because of carelessness. but yeah, wrong grammar people turn me off.

    ps: you changed your URL pala, that's why couldn't find you on my dashboard. great to be here again! :)

  • @mayen: thanks for liking what you see! i am very eager to meet people who love reading novels just like me, lol, our kind is kinda hard to find..

    i bet you've read nicholas sparks works! buy lost, i promise its got its huge share of romance too! hint: sexy and seductive. lol

    for that matter, we have very identical moms. i bet thats what real mothers are. cant imagine me being a mom and all that. id be a horrible mother.

    with the 'job offer', well.. its not a job offer at all..:) i am talking about an immigrant/ permanent residency visa. it means after staying as an immigrant in Canada after three years, you can already apply for a Canadian citizenship. And the upside: processing time takes only 6-12months. Another upside: you get to petition your mom and siblings below 18 once you become a citizen. cool, isnt it? :) yes, social workers are on the priority list of Canada, as of present.
    ill email you for more details. ((:

  • @MG: I'm sorry.. told you i couldn't help it ha ha. at least I didn't reveal the 'ultimate spoiler'.. why don't you buy a copy? i bought mine @ BookSale, cost me only P 55. Can you believe it? books there are pretty cheap. one time i bought a book which cost me only P 5. ((:

  • @krn: we nurses do sure could relate with joy fielding's choice of words. buy a copy, i assure you you'll find more medical terms inside the book. and buy her other works too. you'll find more medical terms. your decision to buy a copy makes me feel so flattered! does that mean i made an interesting review? he he

    yes, sometimes i find myself choking over my incorrect grammar, ha ha, thats why i said in my review that its an irritating habit of mine. mind you, an ex literally bad mouthed me when i corrected his grammar! lol. you might know him. ha ha

    yeah i did change my url. i change my mind a lot di ba? or have you forgotten na? he he

  • Ordinary says:

    I'm a book maniac too. And the problem I usually encounter is to decide what or which book to read. I'm definitely buying a copy of Lost! I have read Puppet by Joy Fielding and it was so good! You have a nice blog here! Keep the reviews coming!

    P.S. I see you are reading Paulo Coelho. I love his novels and I have read The Winner Stands Alone. I'll wait for your review of The Winner Stands Alone.I'm a book maniac too. And the problem I usually encounter is to decide what or which book to read. I'm definitely buying a copy of Lost! I have read Puppet by Joy Fielding and it was so good! You have a nice blog here! Keep the reviews coming!

    P.S. I see you are reading Paulo Coelho. I love his novels and I have read The Winner Stands Alone. I'll wait for your review of The Winner Stands Alone.

  • @Ordinary: Thanks for following! I'm glad I found a new book whore- friend. he he.. yes, i will definitely make a review of The Winner Stands Alone after I read it.. ((:

  • nice review! I've read it too! here's my review: http://bookablereads.blogspot.com/2011/04/review-lost-by-joy-fielding.html

  • @Ruperto: Thanks! Ill check it out. ((: