Thursday, April 07, 2011 § 0

*PNG= persona non grata. literal meaning: an unwelcome person

Uninvited, by Alanis Morisette


my ex visited me at the office again. i have PNG*-ed him and still he keeps on visiting. i have even removed him from my Facebook and deleted his contact details on my phone.

 had he too little pride to insist himself on space that doesn't want him?
sometimes it only takes a ready ear AND a common sense to figure out that you are no longer wanted, right?
that the more you insist, the more you are harboring on desperation.

but he wouldn't admit that he is desperate.. and maybe he isn't. i mean, he'd say he's gotten over me, and i would believe him and i don't care anymore. all i care about now is  that i need my own space without him lurking in it. whatever his purpose, showing up, parading his bloody face in front of me at least thrice a week.. well its getting on my nerves.

bloody yeah, i don't wanna see that face anymore because i don't want reminders of love that was before.. i know i still love him but i can't continue doing so. i'll just end up getting hurt again.. );

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