just in case

Thursday, January 12, 2012 § 7

My phone is sitting right there, taunting me. It's taunting me because it knows I want to answer his damn calls.

I can't believe he is still trying to call me. Hasn't he got any backbone? It's so uncool. he is so pathetic.

So i have to turn my phone off so that when he tries calling again, i wouldn't have to hear it's annoying ringing and make me totally lose it because I am longing to hear his voice, even with the lies in it, and I will forgive and forget  again the moment I hear that husky drawl. I can not stop thinking about him. I have no control over my mind. Damn.

But I do have control over my fingers. That's something.

But I still have to turn my phone off. and keep it out of sight.

Just in case.


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