all the small things.. are the best things!

Thursday, April 07, 2011 § 0

I’ve been sick for the longest time! Gave myself a little scare.  Pharyngitis (inflamed throat) AND laryngitis (inflamed voice box)… But I feel better. Levoxin, Advil and Solmux did their rightful jobs. Still I haven’t gotten my voice back.

Its funny how we take the free and little things we have for granted. And when we lost them, no matter how temporary, we appreciate how large a part they play in our lives.

My voice for instance. Its something I live with everyday. A normal part of my daily existence. Something I took for granted. Laryngitis struck and suddenly I couldn’t talk. I realized how hard it is to live without voice, you cant properly express yourself, your feelings. Your words are like caged birds fluttering their wings wildly but they couldn’t get out. Talking now means torture to me. The more I struggle to talk, the lesser the sounds coming out of my mouth, the redder my throat becomes.. I fear my throat would close up, whenever I would talk animatedly.

When I was in grade school, I had serious bouts of asthma. I was dependent on Ventolin and nebulizers. I saw how other people could breathe so easily and I couldn’t and when they breathe, they just breathe, not noticing that every molecule of air they inhale are vital to every cell in their body.. Not noticing the importance of breathing.

Its funny how we take for granted all the small things the people we love do for us. And when they’re gone, we realize, how, suddenly, things are incomplete without them.

My grandmother recently died. And I dint really make an effort to ease her pain, in any way, didnt tell her how much I love her, when she was ill and bed-ridden.I remember when I was a kid, she used to cook nice dishes for me, gave me toys, and sweets.
She’s gone..

In the end, we realize, that the most important things are the ones free, the ones with no monetary value. the ones we deserve to have. the ones we would surely yearn for once they’re gone and out of reach..
Before going voiceless, talking is just a normal thing I do, and sometimes, it would come to the point when I’d get tired of talking. Now, Im tired of not talking. I can’t go voiceless forever.

Oh how All the Small Things..

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