Tuesday, July 05, 2011 § 12

tiny nails on tiny fingers
tiny fingers on tiny hands
tiny hands on tiny arms
i wish you were mine. (;

tiny dimple on right cheek,
and when she cries.. red face..
i love you.

one week-old chloe yvaughn

tiny nails on tiny toes
tiny toes on tiny feet
tiny feet on tiny legs
i love the way you are!

one day-old chloe

weekends made meaningful, without duties, books and blogging,
whenever i visit this remarkable creature named chloe yvaughn..♥♥♥

never thought i could hold and really care for a baby
without the slightest reluctance and apprehension..
cus before, i never really liked babies..

before nursing school, i never had a real experience with babies..
because i was the baby of the family.. right, i'm the youngest child..
the first time i held one, it was when i was having my duty at the regional hospital.
the senior nurse made me catch the baby from the mother's vulva (yeah, kinda gross..),
i didn't know what to do, i forgot about everything discussed in the classroom about neonatal care
i couldn't even hold the baby properly.. right, i was a horrible nurse..
it got lots of vernix caseosa all over its tiny body!
i was like, ugh! was i like that when i was a newborn??
and it made me nervous, it was a neonate, for goodness sake!
what if it slipped off my hands? it was slippery!
what if it stopped breathing? it was crying-- lustily, raucously crying..
good thing the cries made me remember what to do..
don't worry, the baby was well cared for..(;

i know how to take care of babies, i daresay i know more than the average mom.
but babies just weren't my thing.
their cries irritated me.
their poop disgusted me.
i thought "what a misery business it is, to have a thing so tiny,
so alive, so demanding of your attention,
you try to hush it up but sometimes it just won't stop howling!
for the love of oreos, what does it want??"

i never really cared about babies, until i met chloe.(:
amazing how tiny things and beings can make us realize that anything is possible..

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§ 12 Response to “kyowiii”

  • OMG, CUTEST BABY EVER ♥ i love those cheeks!

  • Anonymous says:

    the baby is sooo cute!!!
    Thanks for the comment you left me and yeah, I'll keep visiting :)

  • krn says:

    parang anak mo sa first pic. cutie!! :D

    ps: sila na ulit. sweet. :D

  • pEarL says:

    baby chloe is so cute..ako din dati d mahilig sa bata kasi ako din baby sa family pero ngayon sobrang gusto kuna ang mga babies..

  • mayen says:

    awww.. she's so cute. I always love babies.. I am a hands on tita to my nieces and nephews. I can't wait to have my own. hehe..

  • MG says:

    uhmm one of the reason why i took up nursing, i love babies..hehe. ang cute nyo sa pic. parang baby mo..seksi mo pa ^_^

  • kayren says:

    @furree: she is! thanks!(;

    @v: thanks!!

    @krn: yeah i wish she was mine.. p.s. uhm, no comment.(;

    @pearl: same pala tayo. ehe (;

    @mayen: uy, malapit ka na ata ikasal ee. susunod na ang baby! for sure, sobrang cute ng baby mo (;

    @MG: yeah i want a baby exactly like her! hehe.. thanks but im real skinny, picture bones protruding out ahaha kiddin sige na seksi na ko lels

  • Haha. I suppose to teach you how to put this BIRD. But hey! it's here. Good googling. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    cute baby! those cheeks!

  • Ah! This could have been my story! :) Just because mine is so similar. No, I didn't get to hold a baby right from the vulva, but I did have a turn of events wherein I had decided that I wanted to be a Pediatrician. A year ago though, I freaked out and changed my mind again. :D

    I'm proud that you cared for a neonate. This is why I'm jealous of nursing skills. You guys are just so good at what you do. Sigh. Someday!

    Beautiful baby. Love the gloves! They make me laugh. :)

  • kayren says:

    thank you sa pag-appreciate sa baby ko. hehe (;