Tuesday, October 01, 2013 § 2

Be selfish all you want but you can't have everything in life. Sacrifice one for the other. Or best make the most out of what you have. Be envious, lie, pretend. Be miserable. Envy ignites competition. Lying is necessary-- it is part of living in society. Pretend-- for life is all a big charade. A little misery is good for the soul. We all have the license to be all that and more. Be a bullcrap. Be very, very bad.But we learn and we experience and we laugh, we conquer. We feel. We are not perfect. Best of all, we are not rotting six feet under. Be alive.

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§ 2 Response to “Be.”

  • SPLICE says:

    This piece reminds me of the senses of being and becoming, and quite a number of philosophers have tried to explain the concepts lifetimes before. To this day, being and becoming can still grapple the mind. I am yet to wrap my head around it. :)

  • kae says:

    Then let's just let it be.;)