Dear Love,

Saturday, July 27, 2013 § 5

You are up to no good again. There you are, lurking around, ready to pounce at me the moment I let my guard loose. Who do you think you are, playing with people's feelings when they're most vulnerable? I don't even KNOW him! (Not yet, anyway..) What the hell is the matter with you? Why can't you do your job right?

I know what you are planning for me, you know. Yet again, you are conspiring with that corrupted, silly messenger of yours named Cupid. Right now, that stupid arrow of his, is aimed directly at my heart, Just one word from you, and I'm a goner. I'm tired of you two and your silly games. And stop corrupting Cupid, for goodness' sake. He is just a child, a silly one, but a child nonetheless.

Remember the last time I got hit with that arrow of his? It was a disaster. Well, yes, at first, I was ecstatic, I was on high. It was the best feeling ever, but isn't that part of the illusion? I didn't feel the pain at first. Whatever the anesthetic you used, it worked for the longest time. But when the drug started wearing off, what did you do? Nothing! You just stood there watching me, probably laughing your heart out at what a sight I might have looked!

Yes, I know you were laughing silly at me, you idiot! I could see it in your eyes! So you thought it was some kind of a laugh riot, huh? You sadist, you mthrfckng player! Who do you really think you are??

But like I said, I know what you are up to this time. You want me to beg to be shot with that arrow one more time but enough is enough. I have prepared myself against any onslaught you have planned. You think you will win? You think I will let myself get shot straight with your venom, and savor it's temporary effects, then leave me alone, despaired, in my blinded stupor? Think again, asshole Love! I'm not gonna give you that satisfaction! This time, I am completely in control of my emotions. So, pretty please, why don't you just leave me alone and start bothering other people?

Don't you dare come before me again like before, or else.. Well if you do, can't you at least do your job right?

Otherwise, just bloody fuck off!

With my middle finger's sincerity aimed right at you,

What's this?

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