What the Fish!?

Friday, June 07, 2013 § 2

What the fish? What fish? I mean, Fish. You know-- fish it!

However outdated, it comes handy whenever I get pissed off and I easily get pissed off, especially when I'm on a call and the person on the other line is getting on my nerves because he's such a dummy and can't follow my goddamn instructions, calls me you idiot! even though I had already warned him that we are both professionals and if you don't stop that filthy mouth, I will have to disconnect this call. I'm on the verge of blurting out all the expletives I can think of but since I am not allowed to do that, instead, I say, FISH. and he was like, what fish? I still can't find the menu key on my phone and you're talking about fish? you stupid-- Once again Mr. Smith, I do not tolerate that kind of language. He said, what's the fish got to do with that? No, I mean, let's just continue troubleshooting your phone, 'kay?
Oh, fish.

Fish you!

Go fish yourself!

I fishing hate it..

That was fishing awesome!

Babe, I feel hot. Wanna swim and fish?

Let's go to the river and fish.

What the fish??!!

P.S. Your mind is so FishED up! ;D

What's this?

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