Saturday, April 13, 2013 § 8


The only way to really live is to do what's pointless.. yet fulfilling.

I've been pointlessly singing along with my music, been gettin' less than four hours of sleep. This is pointless because in the first place i'm not being productive. Also, i've been daydreaming for like 25 hours a day. how is that even possible? Pointless. I'm still nowhere close to see what the whole point is.

I think sleeping is such a waste of time. It feels good to fall asleep but man does it feel better to be up and about. I don't drink coffee, that icky stuff, I don't do drugs. I'm going to take my Prometric exam the week after the next and what the heck am I doing, awake, and not even answering my Q&A's.

Damn. Actually, I'm beginning to love my new job, no it doesn'n involve catheters and penises, nor lungs or Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Yeah. What the fishh. I got sick of getting assigned to patients who vomit blood like their mouth is some kind of a large blood vessel. Really. But I miss my old job. I had to quit though because it won't do me any good, financially speaking. It wasn't even a real job-- I've been workin' my ass, spending the remains of my savings whoring volunteering my services to that pimp of a hospital just to get an effin certificate of experience. I didn't study and pass the boards just to wipe them asses, thank you very much. You can give that job to the nursing aides, that's their job and they're being paid for that. So quit, I did.

I love my new job. I speak to different Americans who never ran out of questions about their bill. Bills. Bills. Bills! We're on the same boat, Americano, I don't understand your bill as well. I mean, how did those charges get in your bill if you didn't download anything from your smartphone. God, them bills give me terabytic headaches. And my body is getting used to being awake 25 hours a day. Yes, I still think that sleeping is such a big, fat waste of time. But my body needs it and anyway it does real feel good to sleep. But I already said that. Now I need to sleep. Really I don't want to but my body wants otherwise and---

What's this?

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