how mediocre can you really get?

Sunday, January 29, 2012 § 1

You haven't even received your PRC license, you've barely even started, grossly unqualified, but there you are, being paid for your service as a nurse.

You have been working at the outpatient department for months, or years now, and is well compensated for it. You haven't even the nerve to be assigned at any of the wards or special areas where the workload is so much more substantial, and skills-honing, incomparable to the student nurse stuff you do at the OPD.

I mean, how low can you really get??

Who cares if you are so-and-so's child or niece or nephew or kin or lover or best friend? And so-and-so just so happens to hold a mighty position capable of assuring you one of those paid positions.

Who cares if you are just a little suckup?

Your salary doesn't spell your competence. You are mediocre. Have shame on yourself, if not on others. Your income is ill-gotten and you're no better than those crocodile politicians constantly fighting for the leanest meat,  taking more than their fair share.

Your skills are equanimous to that of an average nursing student, and you have the audacity to call yourself a nurse? How can you be so complacent?

How can you not do something about your mediocrity?

You owe us--- the government, the hospital, the doctors, your fellow staff nurses, the volunteer nurses--  your fair share of a job well done.

Have shame.

Play fair.

And get out of that shameful ill-competent, mediocre shell of yours!

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§ 1 Response to “how mediocre can you really get?”

  • It's an odd life, isn't it? This post made me think so much more than you can know. I see so much wasted talent out there, so much untapped potential and yet, I know I have miles to go even before I can be what they could easily have been had they wanted to.