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Monday, September 05, 2011 § 8

I used to never know how Kim Kardashian came to be known. In fact, I used to never know who she is. I thought she was just one of those ambitious starlets slash waitresses slash bimbos who bedded them Hollywood big shots to earn their way up the fame ladder. Believe me, it happens all the time, not only in Hollywood, but also in the local show business.

Men would love to have this gym equipment..
So anyways, I googgled Kim. A few hits and what I have  gathered made my scornful mouth smile: Kim Kardashian is this big-bootied socialite catapulted to fame through a sex tape. Hah! Isn't that something? I'm pretty sure not everyone knows that. You should thank me for that piece of meat. *wink* Needless to say, the info revolted me to pieces. WTF was she doin' on a sex tape? I mean,  being the rich socialite that she is, she could've easily bought her way to fame. Pretty dumb, she is. But I guess her claim to fame couldn't be helped. We are after all on the 'instant' age, where instant information, instant gratification, sensory overload,and, on Kim's case, instant fame, are easily at hand. The internet, and all those gadgets seemed to have inculcated to our human minds that speed is most essential, depersonalizing, and intensifying the complex thing that is our world.

Woah. I had to squeeze the brain juices outta my brain to come up with that. I didn't even understand a word of it, believe me.(x

So anyways I still think she's pretty dumbbb. Kim Kardashian, I mean.

She keeps on doing bad-rep wa-eva's.
On second thought, though, maybe it wont hurt to be dumb every once in a while. And it's OK to have the spotlight shone on you, just as it is wonderfully fine to have all the money in the world. Two things we greatly clamor for-- wealth and fame. Kim Kardashian seems to be enjoying the best of both sides, don't you think? Paris Hilton, too-- that bitch who mistakenly thought she could get away with anything, but her DUI still earned her 3 days in the joint. My, oh my. These people. they're so high they hardly notice the scales are being tipped sidewards. One wrong step on the fine wire and they're dead. For good.

If I could only be in their shoes even for  just a day.. That would be a blast!

So which is better, to be rich, or famous?

Hmm.. If I am famous, I will be the topic of conversation. And controversy. I'd love that!I and my works will be recognized by everyone in the world! My face and body will launch a thousand covers! And I f I am famous, I'd get to feel how it's like to be chased by the papparazi! I just hope it won't lead to something tragic, like what happened to Princess Diana..); But then, if I become famous, the public will own me. They will expect too much from me, even stuff I am not capable of. And the gravest thing is I will lose my privacy. But I can use my fame to be rich and earn lots!. Moreover, I can make a difference in this world, say by supporting a cause that saves lives and inspire more people to do the same.

But what if I don't wanna be adored by lots of people? If I become rich, really filthy rich,  I can buy all the floral and polka dot dresses and the shoes in the world! I dont even have to worry about budget or paying the bills any longer. My money will buy anything-- tangible or otherwise-- including fame! I'll be on Forbes magazine. If I am rich, I can do all sorts of things famous people do, but with lesser restriction and out of everyone's eyes. I can also donate funds to all the charitable institutions all over the world. But when, I'm rich, how, how, how would I know whether the people around me love me for who I am, or for what I have? );

When we are young, and still have a lot more spankings to receive from life, we all have this incredible itch to either become rich or popular or both. Jim Carrey may have said that to become rich and famous is not the answer. Of course. The thing is, we just simply want to be. We can see how glamorous those people's lives are and we want ours to be like theirs, too. I think that's pretty normal. After all, isn't it supposed to be everyone's birthright, to have everything and be well known, even for just once in this lifetime? Nobody wants to be constantly poor and constantly outshined.

I am young and I know no better. I wanna be a famous billionaire so freakin' bad. I wont wash my hands just yet.

Allow me still to share this quote, it kinda inspired me to write this post:

 "If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the street. But only poor kids do that.

If power ensures security, then officials should have walked unguarded.

If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities should should have the best marriages ever.

Live simply.

Walk humbly.

Love genuinely.

It might be hard at times, but REWARDING."

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  • I can totally relate to this article. Though I know Paris and Kim are, well, not the ideal role models, I watch their reality shows -- Keeping up and The Simple Life. Geez. And I get entertained by the glitz and the glamour.

    I have a taste of glitz and glamour on Pinterest and tumblr. Those pics take me to places. But when I'm off the internet and I think of my life, I'd rather be the same person. My ultimate wish? To live with my mom and the dogs and get to date my bf often.

    Love the quote; it pulls me back to reality. :)

  • Karl says:

    yes kim is famous for her booty-shakin' junk.

  • LOL @ the first picture.

    I was infatuated with Kim Kardashian for a while because she looks so glamorous all. the. time.

    But then again...there's no sense in "idolizing" someone who catapulted to fame after leaking a sex tape.

  • I'm not sure if I want to be rich and famous. If I'm truly honest, rich maybe - but be famous is a hard job.
    If I have my way, I'd probably prefer to be an ordinary person doing extraordinary things =)

    All I know about Kim is that she starred in an E reality show.. I've never seen an episode though (they don't run here) x

  • mayen says:

    When I was younger I want both. to be rich and famous. Now, I just want to be rich. haha.. Not ONLY because I want to buy those shoes and dresses I saw on Pinterest(aww, pinterest makes me dreamy). I want to be rich so that Jed need not to go abroad to save for our future.

    But I know that there is a greater force that controls my life and where I am now is where He wants me to be. At the end of the day, as I reflect on my heart’s desire it still boils down to my ultimate dream and that is to be have a good family of my own, to be great mom and a wife. I lived long enough and experimented long enough to find out what will truly makes me happy
    As for kim and paris, I really don’t care about them. Hehe..

    This is a great post. Well, that’s what I always expect from you even before I read your post. Wink. 

  • pEarL says:

    OMG..kayren d ko pala nasend ang haba ng comment ko sayo..ang tanga ko talaga minsan sa pagpopost ng comment..hehee

    anyway, nagenjoy ako sa post mo sobrang ganda at napawow ako.. cguro laking promil ka kasi sa gift mo napapa wow mo talaga ako..hehee

  • Kayren, reading you, I started feeling old, today. I wonder where the outspoken girl in me went. It's fun to think these thoughts with you for now! :)

  • anney says:

    Came from Mayen's blog! I don't know much about her. All I know is that she is one of the stars in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.