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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 § 21

If you have read my previous blog post, which was a book review of the international bestseller Freakonomics, then you'd recognize this picture


It's on the front cover of the book. It shows a green apple but it's inside is of the citrus fruit variety. He he. Wala lang. I haven't noticed it before. Really freakish..

I'm not going to talk about the book, 'kay, what I'm going to talk about is the freakonomist's study about online dating. That's right, it's one of the studies that have been discussed in the book. The focus is not online dating itself, but the extent to which a person divulges info about him/herself to the public and whether a specific info improves his/her prospects of finding a partner. So on online dating, the usual gist is this: you put up a personal ad of yourself, your vital statistics, your photo, your income range, level of education, likes and dislikes and so on. If the ad catches someone's attention, that someone will email you and perhaps arrange a date.

What came out of the study are quite interesting. Yeah, the author said that people who put up ads of themselves are NOT always telling the truth. Actually most of the time, they're making up stuff about themselves. Like, for instance, most of the men say that their looks are above average, taller than average, earn way above the average income, and most of the women have above average looks and their weight lower than the normal weight. Maybe it was just a coincidence that most of them are almost perfect. Maybe, just maybe, right?

But whether they are lying about themselves or not, is neither here nor there. The thing is, without realizing it, they have just put up their preferences, without being too obvious, simply by putting up their personal ads online.

You may not agree to some of the results but surveys have been conducted and you know, as well as I do, that numbers don't lie, or at least, less baldly than people do. Below are the most interesting results and you can find my reaction after each item.. ((: 

1. Men who say they want a long term relationship do much better than men looking for an occasional lover. --> Because most women are for real. They prefer permanence. And men? They're just looking for the ride! 

2. Women looking for an occasional lover do great. --> Primarily, it's the sex that men are after. Because men are so hamsap. Ha ha. Also, they value quantity. The more, the better. 

3. For men, a woman's looks are of paramount importance. --> Therefore, beautiful women, can afford to be penniless. If you aren't endowed with good looks, there's plastic surgery. And Vicky Belo. 

4. For women, a man's income is terribly important. -->  Lazy, penniless boyfriends are a no-no. If you are a poor guy, and a lazy one, at that, you're likely to die a poor, lazy, lonely, old man. Ha ha. (x

5. A woman's income appeal is a bell-shaped curve. Men do not want to date low earning women, but once a woman starts earning too much, they seem to be scared off. --> Because men wrongfully think that they should be earning more. Because successful women make them feel insecure and it does make them feel less of a man. 

6. For men, being short is a big disadvantage, but weight doesn't much matter. --> That's why my boyfriend is 5" 8'. And my ex'es are at least 5"7'. (; 

7. For women, being overweight is deadly. --> That's why I am anorexic! (x

P.S. Hey I hope this post dint illicit violent reactions from ya. Those were my honest reactions, k, I wasn't thinking and I dint bother reviewing it. You know, too lazy..(x

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§ 21 Response to “online dating??”

  • Sey says:

    You crack me up and to tell you the truth, I strongly agree with your reviews/answers/reactions.

    Let me share mine:

    1. Agree. Why because I do prefer a man who is in for a serous one.

    3. I can't afford to be penniless. I am more concerned with my future and security rather than squander my money with things that won't last and will fade away soon. I would rather spend mo money on things that would bring worthy memories.

    4. I am not after a man with millions of money. Just enough to make a living a little more to save and of course, an industrious and responsible man is a big yes!

    5. I can relate to this. I know someone who is so concern with this thing like it set our status in the society.

    Just my point. Hope i won't get violent reactions as well.

  • Sey says:

    P.S. Most of the times, stuffs about online dating are fabricated, even the pictures. They don't usually post their own photos and if they do most of them were edited.

  • Anonymous says:

    Online dating? Hmm.. hindi pako nakakapagtry magjoin sa mga ganyan.. takot lang ata ako. haha.. and well.. hmm.. though many people DO find LOVE thru online dating, para sa akin...ayoko. Hehe.. Sabi mo nga, hindi lahat ng nasusulat sa ads eh totoo. Heck! I could say I'm a 20 year old lady and nobody would know... until they see me. Lols..

    Anyway, share din ako.. hihi..

    1. Most men just wants to have sex. Swerte na kung makakakilala tayo ng isang matinong lalaki.. :P

    2. I don't knwo what to comment on this one.. lol..

    3. Yeah.. so true. Men are "visual" creatures daw kasi. They see something beautiful, they drool.. Not all of them, of course. haha.

    4. Well.. truth be said.. YES. hindi kelangan super mayaman.. pero he should be able to provide for me and for his future family.

    5. Pride. Men tend to feel insecure pag mas daming kwarta yung babae. Ambabaw ano?

    6. haha.. yeah. I prefer tall men. lols.

    7. Huhu.. so true rin. Damn.. angtaba-taba ko na.. :(

    Opinyon ko lang din to ha. Hehehe.. :P

  • mayen says:

    haha.. you are funny.. I'm glad I found someone who doesn't mind me, being slightly overweight. lol. I agree with your reactions in most parts.

    Just like sey, I don't mind being with someone who doesn't have 7 or 6 digits on his bank account. Just someone who works hard, responsible and aware of his priorities.

    I also like taller guys (Jed is 5"8') and weight doesn't matter, actually, I think I am more attracted to bigger guys. I guess it's because i am chubby and i don't want to look even more chubbier when I'm with a skinny guy.

    I still have a lot in mind but i'll cut it short. :)

  • parang ako naman lahat ng diisdecribe. bwhahahhaha. kayabangan umiiral nanaman eh noh? hahahaha. joke lang. ehehehe

    anyway nice info.

  • Charles says:

    this is why i love lowered expectations hehe

  • :) Kayren, I smiled through all of this post and it went on to reach my eyes. Stay as fun as you are!

  • Tay Tay says:

    I would be too scared to do it *lol* hooking up with a random stranger? naah. I agree with your views though:) awesome blog, love the template :P
    Following :)

  • I strongly agree with you! Love this entry:)

  • Never tries but I agree with you .
    Your new follower.

    Follow me back

  • Never tried on line dating, (matanda na ata ako, at wala pa nito nung kabataan ko, hehe). But I have friends here who has. Some ended up dating weirdos and there are those who are still together and are happy. Whether they entered the right details... I never thought to ask.

    1. I can see why, you're right, coz most women want long term relationships so why waste time with someone just there for kicks.

    2. Haha! And meron nga talagang ganitong mga babae. I see it here a lot of times, women looking for casual dates, no strings attached.

    3 & 4. .Hmmm, syempre...

    5.Maraming ganito, cox men are men (which means they are insecure little boys inside) but I also know couples where women earn more than the men and they're ok. Siguro kasi matatagal na sila?

    6. Yup, I prefer taller men

    7. Haha! Buti na lang payat pa ako nung nakilala ni Papa E at sya na ang nagpataba sa akin! =)

    This post is funny! =) It's past midnight & I am so awake after reading this!

  • kayren says:

    I love your comments guys! Tinigisa nyo talaga hehe..

  • DWei says:

    All sad and true but that's how the game works and if you don't play by the rules you're always going to lose.

  • No comment ako dito. Haha. Para naman kasing sinisiraan kaming mga lalaki. Pero karen, (Karen po), ang masasabi ko lang ay natawa ako sa mga pointers ng libro, at sa mga definitions mo na tila ay nagmula sa iyong opinion.

    Haha. Pangit naman. Sana tumangkad ako. Pero mabait naman ako. Sana may points yun.

  • Omaayy, online dating. Bago to sakin ah. . .

  • Ash-di says:

    absolutely correct. thats all i could say. XD sinabi na nila lahat eh. haha

  • Anonymous says:

    haha...kinda true and kinda sexist(a teeny tiny part. lol. Din't mean to offend you :))
    But overall...it was so much fun to read the post. :D

  • kayren says:

    yeah it's kinda sexist. it had to be, otherwise u wouldnt find it humorous. kinda. but i am no sexist (;

  • No comment.

    (Kunwari, wala akong nabasa.)


  • This really crack me up..so I'm reading it again:) this is really a great post:)

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