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Thursday, June 16, 2011 § 10

Tag! You're IT!

iya of when I learned how to write did tag me in this post-tagging called 'silly & fun' so there.. thanks for tagging me iya, though it took me three days to comply, and i'm sorry for that, but here it is, iya, just for ya.. xoxo

do you think you're hot?

that's a subjective question. some people say i'm hot, some would think otherwise..
i don't think i'm hot. am not cold either, so probably, am somewhere in between. lukewarm? but that's a silly adjective to describe a person, don't you think? "that girl is so lukewarm!"??? ahaha (;

Task: Upload a picture of the wallpaper you're using as of the moment.

Action: Action what? Well, i took a screenshot of my desktop. As you can see, there's a picture of a couple dancing. You're right, i am a hopeless romantic.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
What kind of question is that? Why would it even make sense if I answer it? Oh right. I get it. You give the questions, I provide the answers. So the last time I ate chicken meat, it was last night. Just this morning, I ate two sunny side up's. Does that count? He he I know it doesn't but those eggs could have grown up into chickens! (;

What is the last song that you last listened to?
 Who Says, by Selena Gomez. I love the lyrics!

who says you're not star potential
who says you're not presidential
who says you can't be in movies
listen to me, listen to me
who says you can't pass the test
who says you can't be the best
who said, who said?
would you tell me who said that? yeahh

Do you have nicknames?
I have lots but i prefer if you call me 'kayren'.. i think it's more sophisticated than plain ol' karen. (;

What are you thinking while making this post?
I'm thinking of the grocery list, which my Mom gave me, which i lost, the dishes still unwashed, my dog's collar worn down, i have to buy a new one so i can walk her again every morning, and my boyfriend is not yet calling me and it's been 24 hours.. Right. I'm a very, very busy gal.

So I'm supposed to tag 2 bloggers. But I'm tagging only one.
So the unlucky IT (hehe..) is......

*drumroll puhleasssse*

krn of  unfinished rhapsody! (; the way she writes, i can say that she is the female version of bob ong* when she writes in tagalog. (;
we have so many things in common: we're roughly of the same age. we both graduated with a bachelor's degree in nursing, and passed the local boards on the same month & year. obviously, we are both registered nurses.
we love reading books, music revs us up (we both love breakeven by the script ahaha!) and we can't live without the internet! she's my long-time fb friend and she's friends with my ex. so there. make sure to visit her site. (;

Hey, this is actually fun naman, just silly. *winks*

*for those who do not know,  bob ong, or roberto ong is the pseudonym of a filipino contemporary author known for using conversational filipino to create humorous and reflective depictions of life as a filipino.
if you are filipino and this is the first time you've heard of bob ong, where have you been, fellow countryman? (;

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