the lesser evil

Friday, June 17, 2011 § 13

Top reasons why abortion is still illegal in the Philippines:

1. Politics and religion are dominated by men.
 Most legislators are men, and men don't get preggers, so they can afford to be moralistic. So can the priests.
If we have women priests, we'll see a hell of a quick change in religion.

2. Abortion remains illegal because it is so safe.
Yes, it's a very safe surgical procedure and a skilled nurse can perform the scrape without complications. Because abortion is not legal in the Philippines, except to save the mother's life, these women have to either induce the abortion themselves or seek a hilot*, who uses hazardous, unsterile procedures. Either way, it could lead to massive bleeding and sepsis**, which are both life threatening and deadly.
If abortion is legalized, these women will have the choice to seek for the care of skilled and competent health practitioners, hence, female mortality due to abortion will abruptly zero down.
Once legalized, abortion would be a big enterprise and OB GYN's would be the richest practitioners. lol
3. Women in this country are afraid to speak up.
They are reluctant to push too hard, which is very, very bad, because abortion is their business-- their infants, their bodies, their risks.

  Always, when in mortal danger, there's the choice between being moralistic and dead, or being immoral and alive. Humans will choose life every time. Unless you prefer to be a saint.

Come now, sometimes, accidents happen, you didn't want to, but your idiot of a boyfriend, who used a condom past the expiry date, did get you knocked up. You wanna get rid of the creature inside you because you're not ready to be responsible for another life, or it would cause you shame or it would shatter your dreams or.. there are lots of reasons.. Would you risk your life to a hilot* or be taken cared of for by a competent abortionist?

◙  If you are a woman, and you don't consider abortion as an option, if you feel strongly against it, if you think you'll be doomed just by having it, then don't have it done.

I didn't say I would have it done. Nor that I wouldn't. But I just might, when the need arises.

Most would think that this post is horrid. That's okhey. Just don't hunt me down and cut me to pieces. I am just rationalizing. I am simply using my logic and intellect and not letting my emotions and morality seep in. If you'd like to understand me, then ditch your morals and religion and beliefs for a while.

◙  Abortion is a real thing. Lots of women with religious affiliations, or 'proper' upbringing, had had it done. Why don't we just accept that it happens and will always happen and that you can't stop a woman from getting a scrape if that is what she wants? It happens, okay, I can attest that most of the D&C*** cases we nurses assist at the hospitals are the result of abortion-gone-awry. The rational thing to do is to make abortion legal for it to become safe and beneficial to the woman's health.

Moreover, if you still don't agree that abortion should be legalized, then you should at least agree for the RH Bill to be pushed through. Contraception seems to be the lesser evil, right?

* local herbsman/woman; midwife, especially those with no formal trainings
** blood poisoning; presence of infection in the bloodstream

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§ 13 Response to “the lesser evil”

  • karlo says:

    babangil karen!weh nagpaabort kna noh?hehe joke lng!may point ka nman! pero dq nman hahayaan paabort gf q kung sakali ta kaya q nman suportahan amay ugaw q!hehehe

  • kayren says:

    homaygahd! anong ginagawa mo dito! mag-fb ka na nga lang dyan! haha. wag mong basagin trip ko, okhey?(; hey that's a bad joke. you know i'm way too good to have to resort to that d: bwahaha

  • rah says:

    RH BIll ipasa na! mabuhay ang mga kababaihan.

  • krn says:

    I'm pro sa RH bill. but abortion, you gotta point kayren, but i'm a very religious person, really, though it's hard to believe. hehe. i think it is still killing an unborn child and 'thou shall not kill' says the bible. i'm sorry. but that's only my opinion. but great post btw, i am still thinking about everything you've pointed out. am still cannot let go of my very old fashioned mentality. argghhh

  • iya_khin says:

    i'll go for contraceptives..less evil! lol

  • Kayren, the world needs more women like you! I love this post! I love than you could speak up. Kudos, girl! :)

  • Haay, i think it's about time that we wise up & pass this RH bill. People need to be more informed & educated, we need to do something to help slow down our growing population....

  • pEarL says:

    I'm pro to RH Bill. You're right kayren RH bill is the lesser evil.

    The post is so amazing. You're so good. I enjoy reading. hehee

  • Thank YOU for writing this post. I've been quite upset these few days, partly due to my period, but mostly because I've read quite a bit on women rights in the news and I'm SHOCKED that so many women let themselves be trampled all over by misogynistic BOARS!

    *Calms down*

    I think abortion isn't just a "moral" life-killing issue. It's also a women rights issue. WE have the rights to OUR body. I could go on and on but I shall stop here.

    That being said, I'm pro-abortion and contraception. I understand parents' concerns that promoting birth control undermines the "abstinence from sex" crap, but premarital sex happens and there is NOTHING people can do to stop it.

    Hence, birth control.

    Sorry if I sound kind of rant-y. I always get riled up when the issue of abortion or women, gay rights comes up.

    Btw. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog! I enjoy reading your blog as well and your book reviews are very helpful. <3

  • mayen says:

    it its brave of you to write something like this.

  • i am pro RH bill... pero nabasura na ata?

    abortion? hmm... No-no.. hehe... :)

  • kayren says:

    I want to express more of the raised topic but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop. Hehe.. I know that each of us will always have something to say and I respect each and every one of your honored opinions.(;


  • kat says:

    "Always, when in mortal danger, there's the choice between being moralistic and dead, or being immoral and alive. Humans will choose life every time." you got that right! women should open their minds nowadays. the problem is they are so afraid of men and the wrath of god! your right in saying it is so much safer to have abortion legalized! women who want to get rid of the child will always find a way to get rid of it, who can stop her? so why not just open your eyes and make abortion a safe option for these women?