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Saturday, April 02, 2011 § 0

the following questions i 'stole' from this inspiring book blog called
Stuck In a Book. 
the owner of the blog goes by the name simon.
  he is from the UK and when i read his recent posts,
he 'encouraged' me to 'steal' the questions..
and i did.
because they were steal-worthy for a bookwhore like me..
so here goes..

Qu. 1) Did you grow up in a book-loving household, and did your parents read to you? Pick a favourite book from your childhood, and tell me about it.

Me: My Dad read a lot, and he was the one who introduced me to books. My favorite book was this book called The Golden Book of Fairy Tales. Its like 3 inches thick, the cover was gold and the pages were lined with gold. Its got colorful page illustrations and contains like, 1000 fairy tales. The fairy tale I kept on reading was Hansel and Gretel.


 Qu. 2) What was one of the first 'grown-up' books that you really enjoyed?

Me: I didn't really enjoy the first 'grown-up' book I ever read, that's why I can't remember the title!   
The first grown-up book I really enjoyed was The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. It belonged to my paternal grandfather, who gave it to my dad, who gave it to me. It was first edition, really old but I totally loved it. I'm still keeping it.

 Qu. 3) Pick a favourite book that you read in your 20s or early 30s - especially if it's one which helped set you off in a certain direction in life.

Me: The book I can't forget is "Falling Angel's" by Tracy Chevalier. It's a story of family, friendship, love & betrayal.  I borrowed it from the library of a university I attended. Upon reading this book, I learned that however unfair life is, it gives you unlimited chances to survive and opportunities to accept or decline, and that no matter how your life sucks, no matter how uncaring or unsupportive your family and friends become, your future still depends entirely upon your own decisions and actions.. And it takes courage to do that.

Qu. 4) What's one of your favourite books that you've found in the last five years, and how has blogging or the reading of blogs changed your reading habits?

Me: One of my favorite books is The Streetlawyer by John Grisham. The protagonist is this lawyer who, after witnessing a hostage event, left his firm and decided to become a lawyer for the homeless. The whole thing is crazy, I mean, he was a few steps from partnership in a big-time firm then suddenly had a crazy epiphany and decided to give up the good life for a poorly-paid position, all the time, looking behind his back, checking for enemies, who unfortunately were the people from the firm he left, following him. If it was me, I wouldn't know if I could turn my back on the good life, too, and live like a, what, saint.

Another is "A Case of Need" by Michael Crichton. Ive read it 4 times, and I'm going to read it again until I've memorized the full story!

Qu. 5) For your final choice - a guilty pleasure, or a favourite that might surprise people!

Me: Hm, everything I read are a pleasure to me, definitely nothing to feel guilty of.


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