alyssa bernal: that girl who can really sing

Sunday, April 03, 2011 § 0

Cali, Cali, Cali by Alyssa Bernal on Vevo!

blessings come when we least expect them.

during her junior year, alyssa bernal started posting her covers
via her youtube channel, not expecting to be signed, but look at her now!
being famous and a contract with star trak sure doesn't hurt.

one of the freshest youtube sensations, alyssa bernal, simply rocks!
-- except that she doesn't sing rock..
her music is specially colbie caillat and jason mraz inspired.
not only is lyss supertalented, she's super pretty too (i got a lesbian crush on her.. jk!)
i love her hair, her style, her voice, and her dimples!
cali, cali, cali, a fresh summery song, is her first single,
lyss has posted numerous covers by her favorite artists, via youtube,
but she had been composing her own songs ever since she learned how to play the guitar.
you should check out her vids here and here.

more about alyssa bernal? <-- click

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